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Reality Bytes Radio was started in parallel with Live Pulse News  and Awake Radio to cover the issues of the day from the United States to compliment similar coverage of issues in the UK and the wider European Continent.

What we will not do is promote ludicrous ‘conspiracy theories‘ like those promoted by disinfo peddlars such as David Icke and others pushing an ‘alien agenda’. These characters do nothing to the credibility of those seeking to stop a system which is designed to enslave us all. They simply mix truth with crazy notions of alien invasion, lizards running our planet and the moon being a mysterious and ancient space ship. We do not promote or encourage such lunacy.

Its founders, Neil Foster, (Reality Bytes Radio, Live Pulse News, Sovereign Independent UK and former Awake Radio Host) and his partner Paula Mathers (Awake Radio Founder, and former Producer & Host) have teamed up Stateside to bring you the latest coverage of issues affecting Americans and comparing this to events in a wider European/UK context.

We will be producing live radio with regular international guests as a precursor to setting up an independent radio studio.

If anyone has any questions or wish to contact us you can do so here: